Survey123 Templates

These templated electronic forms have been developed as part of a shared Environmental Data (ED) & Information Technology (IT) SIG project to support nationally consistent electronic capture of field information and successful implementation of National Environmental Monitoring Standards (NEMS).

The content of these forms have been developed to meet the requirements of NEMS in terms of:

  • Data fields to be collected
  • What the data collection fields are to be called (i.e. field labels conform with NEMS Glossary vocabulary)
  • What type and precision of entry is required for data fields
  • NEMS conforming calculations that support decision making (e.g. validation calculations)

If the user of these forms wishes to conform to NEMS, then changes to the provided forms must maintain or be additive to the content provided.  The user can alter the layout and order of form content as they see fit. Users may change the underlying coded name of fields if required to support their specific database requirements for integration purposes, however the field labels should be maintained to conform to follow NEMS vocabulary. The user should be aware that the removal or renaming of required fields could cause issues with the integration process with certain databases, and therefore needs to be carefully considered and investigated.    

Removal of content from these forms may result in lack of NEMS conformance.

All fields in the templates are colour coded so that Survey123 users can make sense of the form. Specific form information may be provided in the ‘Version’ tab of the template.        


The following document explains how to implement the Survey123 templates.

Creating and Editing Survey123 Forms