Document List

Below are documents currently managed and proposed by the NEMS Steering Group:

title status Date of Release Planned Workshop Date Planned Review Date
Rainfall Recording Current August 2017 August 2019
Dissolved Oxygen Current July 2016 July 2018
Quality Code Schema Current July 2016 February 2018
Water Meter Data Current November 2017 November 2019
Water Temperature Recording Current April 2017 April 2019
Soil Water Measurement Current August 2016 August 2018
Turbidity Recording Current July 2017 July 2019
Glossary Current September 2016
Safe Acquisition of Field Data in and Around Fresh Water Current June 2013 February 2018
Hydrological and Meteorological Structures Current July 2016 July 2017
Rating Curves Current February 2016 February 2018
Site Surveys Current October 2016 October 2017
Water Level Current (under review) July 2016
Open Channel Flow Measurement Current (under review) June 2013
Macroinvertebrates On hold
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Recording Under development June 2019
Wind Recording Under development June 2019
Air Quality - PM10 Under development June 2017
Data Processing Under development November 2018
Periphyton Under development September 2018
Data Exchange (FNDS) Under development
Fish Monitoring Under development September 2020
Soil Quality and Trace Element Monitoring Under development September 2019
Soil Stability/Intactness Monitoring Under development May 2020
Suspended Sediment Under development September 2018
Water Quality - Part 1 Groundwater Draft October 2017 April 2018
Water Quality - Part 2 Rivers Draft October 2017 April 2018
Water Quality - Part 3 Lakes Draft October 2017 April 2018
Water Quality - Part 4 Coastal Waters Draft October 2017 April 2018
Air Quality and Met Parameters Awaiting funding
NZ Site Identification System Awaiting funding
Biodiversity Proposed
Biosecurity Proposed
Conductivity (Continuous) Proposed
Contaminated Land Proposed
Land Fragmentation Proposed
Land Use / Land Use Change Monitoring Proposed
Macrophytes Proposed
PM2.5 Proposed
Peat Subsidence Monitoring Proposed
Riparian Characteristics Monitoring Proposed
Solar Radiation Proposed
Stream Habitat Proposed
pH (Continuous) Proposed